Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Spurs exploded in game 1, tipping off a Golden period in NBA hoops

How quickly things change. After 73 wins in the regular season, the Warriors were the story. Weeks ago when Golden State clinched the record for regular season wins, they did it in part by beating the Spurs in San Antonio in the second to last game of the season, giving the Spurs their only home loss of the season. A season long undefeated run at home would have been an NBA record, so you can say the Spurs were one win over the Warriors away from achieving every bit the historical feat the Warriors eventually did.

The Warriors were the darlings of the league throughout the entire season. But the truth is the only difference between them and the Spurs has been essentially a season long stretch of Steph Curry playing in the zone.

Unfortunately, Curry is now injured. But fortunately for us fans, Kawhi Leonard and Lamarcus Aldridge played at a Steph Curry level of lights out Saturday in the first game of their team's highly anticipated second round showdown with what may be the league's most talented team, the OKC Thunder.

The NBA is poised to deliver unbelievably entertaining action from here forward. The Spurs played perfect basketball in game one of the second round. If they continue at this pace, we (fans) win. If the Thunder bounces back, we win. The winner of this series will be playing excellent basketball entering the Western Conference finals against the Warriors, which will be welcoming back a rested Steph Curry right around that time. (Yes, I am giving the Warriors a quick pass through their second round matchup with Portland)

When the winner of the Spurs-Thunder-Warriors gauntlet emerges, the Cavs and the guy who just 8 months ago we all called the world's best player, Lebron James, will be waiting.

So by my count and logic, today marked what will prove to be a three series, 15-20 games long, stretch of the best continuous basketball any of us has ever seen. These four teams have the league's best 5, and maybe 6 or 7, players. Now is a great time for NBA basketball!