Thursday, January 26, 2012

Harlem's Reid is a Dynamic Player

***This "flashback post" was originally posted at (my "old" blog).  It is still there but I no longer post there.  I moved it to this blog because Reggie is someone we are tracking, and pulling for.***

Tuesday night, Reggie Reid scored a game high 30 points and led the Harlem Bulldogs to a 57-48 victory against Grovetown High School.  In recent articles (like this one), Columbia News Times columnist Ashley Brown compares the freshman point guard to some of the Augusta area's best guards from the past 20 years.  Whether Reid achieves success at the levels of former Westside Patriots and UCONN Huskies guard Ricky Moore; former Thomson Bulldog, Pittsburg Panther, and 1st round NBA draft pick Vonteego Cummings; or former Duke standout and NBA lottery pick William Avery remains to be seen and is largely dependent on Reid's work ethic and good fortune.

But after a handful of games this season, one thing appears to be obvious:  Reggie Reid thoroughly enjoys playing basketball.  And who could blame him?  He is a superb ball handler with the ability to make teammates better.  He combines his athleticism and intelligence with his dribbling and shooting skills to score from everywhere - behind the 3 point line, in the medium range, and at the rim.  And he uses his quick feet, quick hands, and jumping ability to disrupt offenses, stealing the ball from dribblers, playing the passing lanes, and swatting away fast break layups.

I like the comparison to Ricky Moore the best.  But those are huge shoes to fill.  Just ask anyone who was fortunate enough to play with Ricky how easy he made the game for teammates.  But with the apparent love for the game that seems to radiate from Reggie Reid, I would not rush to doubt the young Bulldog.  Enjoy some of Reid's highlights and watch out for this young guard in the years to come.